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time to say goodbye

“every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” –Seneca–

even a little sad I wish to inform you that the 31.08.2014 will be my last working day as a librarian at the European School Frankfurt.
But I also feel very lucky and grateful to be able to move on to the German European School Singapore as a teacher librarian from September 2014 on. After 15 years of school library work in Karlsruhe and Frankfurt, this was an offer I could not resist.

I wish you all the very best in life, both in profession and in person.

For future library affairs please contact my successor, the lovely Ms. Bärbel McWilliams









With kind regards







Oliver-User: Labels können nun selbst angepasst werden!

EKZLabelDie hier angegebenen Einstellungen passen für die EKZ-Etiketten Größe 2,8 x 3,7 cm

Einziges Problem: Die Zentrierung funktioniert nur vertikal, nicht aber horizontal. Die Nachbearbeitung in Word ist jedoch ganz einfach (-:

flipped learning needs a good school library and an even better librarian!

Flipped Classroom

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

A dream: Planning a 300 sqm school library, ordering 6000 books

Sometimes it has been a nightmare, but finally we succeeded:

5.000 out of 6.000 “start-up” media in the shelves.

1.985 loans since 3rd of September.

Librarian still living.


Here we are – and where are you gone?

Renate Kirmse

Europäische Schule RheinMain


Theodor-Heuss-Str. 65

61118 Bad Vilbel

Tel.: 0 61 01-5 05 66 – 19





European School Library Karlsruhe

Dear all,

you might have heard  the news that there’s a vacancy at the ESK Library, don’t worry I am not leaving but transferring to the ESFFM and will be taking Renate’s place as from September on.

Have a great Summer!


European School Frankfurt Librarian

Dear all,

you might have received the vacancy information from ESF: “Stellenangebot Bibliothekar”.

This is to inform you that I am leaving European School Frankfurt, but not leaving the European School system: The new European School of Bad Vilbel (category III) will be the new place where I can play my ambitions from September on.

I hope we will stay in contact – and someone besides José and me will post some interesting articles in this blog one day (-;

Enjoy your day!


To meet authors

Tomorrow we’ll welcome T.A. Barron (Merlin-Saga) at our school for a reading, the day after S.J. Skuse will be here with “Pretty bad things” and next Monday we will enjoy Thomas Rosenlöcher “catching” the S5 and S6 students to let them enjoy poetry. He will succeed again, I am sure!

You all know how to organize a reading, but you might enjoy a little presentation on “How to organize readings”.





Library blog

Meanwhile quite some posts have been added to our library blog, mainly written by students. The blog starts to become a success (-:

Something to follow?

Good luck


Library Lessons

Please notice the powerpoint presentation from one of our most active teacher, Maureen O’Neill:

Library presentation 30 9 2011

It has been presented at our library committee meeting in September to promote library lessons in Secondary.

Have a wonderful springtime!